Handcrafted ovens

Our ovens are assembled by hand and built to withstand extensive use for many years, there are several examples of ovens running for 25+ years with only minor maintenance required.

Regarding the technical competitive edge several points render our ovens a great choice.

  • The ovens are relatively simply built, easily accessible and very robust, making service and maintenance a simple and low-cost task.
  • The Air flow is easily adjustable, making the ovens capable of baking a broad range of products with excellent results.
  • Heating of the ovens is very swift, due to a very efficient air flow and the heat loss when exchanging racks for example is at a minimum, making the overall energy consumption relatively low.
  • The ovens are delivered either assembled or disassembled, in accordance to the client’s needs and demands. The disassembled ovens in turn are very easy to assemble.
  • The dimensions of the ovens are customizable and flexible to a certain extent.

We care much about usability and reliability and hence our ovens are first and foremost designed to yield a high degree ofrepeatability resulting in homogenous and even baking everytime!

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