About us

Good solid craftmanship founded in 1979

Danbake ovens

Since 1986 we have been producing the Danbake rack oven, which is sold in most parts of the world. Production also includes proving cabinets, automatic provers and chocolate melters, all manufactured to the same high quality standard as the Danbake oven.

We strongly believe in good solid craftmanship and we continuosly aim to deliver top quality equipment on which the customers can rely and which can withstand substantial use for a long period of time given that proper caretaking and maintenance is performed in accordance to our recommendations.
Behind us we have a highly capable organisation including top modern production facilities and experienced workers who share our vision which is deeply rooted in the simple premise that understanding and appreciating the customers wishes and challenges is the very foundation of a succesful completion of any project.    
Thus, by doing exactly what we do best, we ensure that the customer is left with only having to focus on what he/she does best.
How may we help You doing exactly what You do best?